Welcome to Our New Site!

Hello members and friends!

Welcome to our first newsletter. We have a lot to cover in this first edition so HOLD ON TIGHT!

The NEW Hayti Central School – Parent Chapter website is LIVE! This new site is interactive and will allow you to connect to the alumni at any time. Our new site was designed to be a social media site for registered users/members. To access the new site please follow these steps:

  1. Please delete your cookies and temporary files. This will keep your computer from automatically redirecting to the old site.
  2. Click here or type https://hayticentralschool.com/ in your browser.
  3. To sign up, click on the to sign up and connect.

What else will you see on the site?

About Us – This is where you will find a little history, the school song, and information on the officers.

Our News – Pay attention to this page. This is where you will find announcements, updates, and photos.

Contact Us – Submit your questions here.

Alumni – Pay your membership fee, complete the online membership form and donate to the scholarship fund from this page.

FAQ – This is a working page that is constantly being updated with questions and answers about the school and the website. Read through the page for more information on using the site. Here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions from the testers that may come in handy when you first log in.

  • How do I update my profile picture? After you log into your account, go to Edit My Profile (top right corner) > Profile > Change Profile Photo > Upload/Take Pic
    **This should allow you to use photos from your computer or take a picture with your device (must allow system access to your camera if this option is chosen).
  • How do I start a new group? After you log into your account, go to Profile (top right corner) > Settings > Groups (mid page) > Create a Group.
    **This option will allow you to communicate with a subset of the membership that is registered.
  • How do I connect with another member or build my friend list? Go to your profile > Members> Add Friend from the list of members.
  • How do I update my email notification settings? Go your Settings > Email – Select Yes -or-No next to the activity you want to be notified about.
  • I want to update my status. How do I do that? Go your Settings > Activity > Post Update.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Stay tuned for our next update and ENJOY THE HOLIDAY SEASON!

Hayti Central School – Parent Chapter Board

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