2018 Membership

Thanks to all of you who have paid your membership dues and are on the list of members!  We are at 112 members but our goal is 150.  If you are reading this message and have not paid, please do so right away.  If you have paid and have family members or friends who have not paid, contact them and ask them to pay.  Our information is listed below and you do not need a membership form in order to pay.  Just send us your check or money order for $25 and include your name and address.  Send to:

Hayti Central School-Parent Chapter

PO Box 506

Hayti, MO 63851

You are also able to pay on our website.  There is a fee for us to use PAYPAL and it will become part of your payment if you pay online.  So add $2 for that fee if you pay online.  Thanks!


Membership Committee

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