Happy New Year

Millions didn’t make it but you are one of the ones who did!  How will you spend the rest of the year?  Start with today…it’s a new day.  You can choose exciting thoughts, loving thoughts, grateful thoughts.  Doesn’t mean you don’t remember the good and bad opportunities that happened last year.  You can spend the day loving someone and building them up. You can take some time to thank God for all you have.  Thank Him for what he will do to show favor in your life in the future.  If you spend each day thinking positive….days make weeks and weeks make the year.  Guess what?  You will have a positive year.  Less stress, lower blood pressure, more smiles, the willingness to bless others, move your body more, eat more healthy…..all good stuff.

Get ready for the ALL SCHOOL REUNION this year Labor Day Weekend in Hayti.  Start planning now!  God Bless.

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