Charles E. Baldwin

Since it is Black History Month, it is fitting that we share this great news about Chuck Baldwin from Wardell. First Black Male at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC)-Florida {Non Engineer/Technical Type} to receive the “NASA Public Service Medal” from President Reagan’s Administrator, James M. Beggs on August 31, 1981 for Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-1) …

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Dr. Otha Myles

In this age of uncertainty, we have an opportunity to hear from one of our own, Otha Myles, MD, ’90, Infectious Disease Specialist, regarding the current COVID-19 Pandemic.  The presentation was: To:  Howard University Students, Alumni and Friends What:  Dr. Otha Myles will provide an update on COVID-19 and answer your most pressing questions.  Why: …

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2020 Membership

HAYTI CENTRAL SCHOOL-PARENT CHAPTER PO Box 506 Hayti, MO 63851 Greetings! The Membership Committee is pleased to inform you that we will have a membership drive contest again this year.(2020) The contest was extremely successful last year and we are so grateful for the overwhelming support. We are excited to share this information with all …

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HAYTI CENTRAL SCHOOL-PARENT CHAPTER  2019 MEMBERSHIP FORM   Please complete this form, enclose a check or money order for $25.00, payable to Hayti Central School-Parent Chapter and mail to:  Hayti Central School-Parent Chapter PO Box 506, Hayti, MO 63851 (PLEASE PRINT)   NAME: _______________________________________                  Class of: _____________________   ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________ Street                                                      City                                     State                              …

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