Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where we will answer the most common questions. Please check here before reaching out to us.  We may already have your question posted on our page.  Check back often.

How will I be notified of upcoming events?

We have a new newsletter that will go out via email. Please make sure that we have your current email address on file.

How can I become a member of the organization?

Pay $25 per year annual membership dues.

What are the benefits of being a member of the organization?

You will receive an annual report for the organization, vote in elections, and receive a membership card.

Can I pay membership dues online?

Yes, when it is time for dues to be paid, you will receive an email with instructions and a link.

What committee can I join?

You can choose from one of the following: Membership, Scholarship, Fundraising, School Supplies, etc.

Can I respond or give comments on the website?

Yes, just look for the comment section on individual pages.  Only certain pages allow comments. Also, this website is interactive.  Once you have a sign-on, you can also interact directly with other members.

Can I partner or mentor someone?

Sure. Just make sure that you contact the person(s) and both parties agree. Then provide that information in writing to a Board Member.

How often are reunions held?

Every other odd number year.

Can I pay reunion fees online?

Yes, please see answer above for membership fees.

How do I place an ad in the reunion souvenir booklet?

Contact a reunion committee member for details.

Can anyone serve on the Board of Directors?

Yes, you must be a member of the organization.  However, the Director positions are elected by the membership.

How do I update my profile picture?

After you log into your account, go to Edit My Profile (top right corner) > Profile > Change Profile Photo > Upload/Take Pic
**This should allow you to use photos from your computer or take a picture with your device (must allow system access to your camera if this option is chosen).

How do I start a new group?

After you log into your account, go to Profile (top right corner) > Settings > Groups (mid page) > Create a Group.
**This option will allow you to communicate with a subset of the membership that is registered.

How do I connect with another member or build my friend list?

Go to your profile > Members> Add Friend from the list of members.

How can I send a message to all members?

Go your profile > Messages > Compose > Check box next to: This is a notice to all users > Complete Message.

I would like to receive an email notification when there are updates, how do I customize my notifications?

Go your Settings > Email – Select Yes -or-No next to the activity you want to be notified about.

I want to update my status.  How do I do that?

Go your Settings > Activity > Post Update.

How do FORUMS work and how do I set it up?

In order to create a forum, you must first understand the purpose of the forum. A forum is a communication among a subset of the members. That means that you must first create a Group. During the creation process, you are directed to create a forum.
Only the members of the group that actually join will be able to see the forum posts. However, you have the ability to make the group public or private during the creation process. If the group is public, others will be able to join or request access. If the group is private, they should not be able to locate the group or its forum posts.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

  • It is a great way to stay connected to other alumni.
  • Membership dues help pay for scholarships and managing the organization.
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